The Kingdom Come Collection

Luxury beyond the walls

Dress it up! Dress it down ! Wear it out 

Christian designer fashion beyond the four walls

Breaking the barrier of religious mindset 

  • Christ Couture Fashion represents ground-breaking innovative elegant and classy designs that will secure your fashion dignity. Our signature all-over print is always sending a message that "Jesus died on the cross to save a broken World". We stand for life, righteousness, peace and joy. We area  uniquely different  in Kingdom apparel, which will help you look and feel your best  while promoting God's Kingdom in a fashionable way.

  • High End Luxury Brand

    Explore endless posibilities

  • Rep Your Faith Fashionably

    Let your clothes speak without you saying a word

  • Breaking Religious Mindset

    Different Occasions!!!.. Different Stlyes

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Our Store

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