About Us


This is a brand that has been plucked out of the fire. It was born out of my affliction. I was in a very difficult place in my life where everything around me seemed to be falling a part. I kept going around in circles seeking for a breakthrough, but kept coming back to my starting point; Well, I can see clearly now that the Lord has appointed me to shape the fashion industry for Him (Christ Couture Fashion). He has revealed to me not to focus on wealth but my goal should be doing HIS WORD; Then all the wealth comes with it.

 Our logo represents  the death of Jesus on the cross for a broken world. He died that we might live to fulfil His glory. The desire of Christ Couture Fashion clothing is to be a conversational piece, that will peak the interest of those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to boldly speak about Christ. The Bible says in Roman 13:14 for us to “put on Christ”  I believe this is a resourceful way to change lives; one soul at a time.

Our company is based in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida merchandising worldwide; we constantly anticipate new innovative styles to peak the interest of those, who would like to know more about God. Wether it’s a gospel concert, women’s meeting, a men conference or even a night out with friends, Christ Couture has your taste right on this website.

You spread the gospel when you take a selfie in Christ Couture fashion. Share it on your social media platform; tag us @christcouturefashion with a hashtag #putonchristcouture.

A gracious thank you to all our wonderful Christ Couture Fashionaries, we believe you enjoy your shopping experience; keep on, keeping on.

 God Bless You.

Stacey-Ann Davis- Walters

Owner /Business Operator